Virtual Office Address in Cardiff

We provide Virtual Office Solutions for forward thinking businesses. If you are looking for a prestigious business address, you're in the right place.

Breakdown Of Our Virtual Office Packages

Not just an office address

Standard Virtual Office Plan

Our Lite plan includes all the must-have features for your virtual office. All business on the Lite plan are able to use our address, which is on what we believe to be the most prestigious street in Cardiff – Windsor Place. As far as we know, ours is the only service that can offer a virtual office on this exclusive street.

You can send all of your mail to this address and our team will either forward it to your address or alternatively you can pick it up yourself. Whichever is easiest for you.

One of the key benefits of a virtual office is using the address for Google Maps. By registering your businesses Google listing to our address your business will show in the maps section of Google. This alone can create local credibility, increase your exposure to customers and provide an incredible return on investment.

Just like you would with a physical office address, you can use your virtual address to register with companies house, with that bank and for all other documents. This also apply to your website, business cards etc.

Prestigious Address

Use our prestigious address and give your business the credibility it needs.

Google Business Registration

Show up in local searches and connect with more customers than ever.

Mail Forwarding

Send mail to the virtual office address and we will forward it to an address of your choice.

Register With Companies House

Register your business to the virtual office address and use the address for all business document as well as using it on your website, business cards, letter heads etc.

Advanced Virtual Office Plan

First of all, our Plus plan includes everything thats included in the Lite plan (use of address, mail handling etc.). In addition we will set you up with a local landline number that will redirect to your mobile. Using a mobile number as your businesses contact number is a non-starter. It comes across as unprofessional and quite frankly, lazy. Using a landline number will reassure potential customers and will contribute to the perception created with a virtual office. Using a local landline number also improves your rankings in local search result on Google and other search engines. Search engines see this as an indication that your business is local and thus, are more likely to show your business in local searches.

Appearing in the maps section of search results is one of the key benefits of using a virtual office service. This being said, it isn’t guaranteed to appear on the first page of results just by using a virtual office. Thats why we have created a step by step guide to show you exactly how to optimise your Google listing to give you the best chance of ranking well.

In addition to the features included in the Lite Plan:

Local Landline Number

Along with your virtual office package, you will receive a physical address in Cardiff that is searchable on Google Maps and search engine page results. Connect with more customers than ever via Google and have a professional image for your business.

Google Maps SEO Guide

Along with your virtual office package, you will receive a physical address in Cardiff that is searchable on Google Maps and search engine page results. Connect with more customers than ever via Google and have a professional image for your business.

Select A Package

Why You Need A Virtual Office

Not every business wants or needs to take on the responsibilities of a physical office. Whether you’re self-employed, a small business owner or a start-up, a physical office might not work for you. There are too many overhead costs like office leases and administrative staff, plus the need to commute to the office daily!

That’s where Virtual Inc.’s virtual office comes in. A virtual office provides your business with all the features of a physical office (like call-answering, mail delivery and meeting rooms) at a fraction of the cost! A virtual office in a renowned and well-reputed area of a city like Cardiff will provide your business with prestige and credibility, allowing your customers to find you in the heart of the city – rather than some unheard of neighbourhood on the outskirts of town!

Here at Virtual Inc. we offer a range of benefits with our virtual office package. These include a mailing address in a professional, well-known location, that can be used to register your business on Google Maps and for all business documents. You will receive a local telephone number for Cardiff, and our dedicated staff will forward all calls straight to your mobile or landline.

Meeting rooms are available, so should you ever need a physical office space, we’ve got you covered!

The benefits of a virtual office do not just extend to your customers, your employees will thank you, too. Working remotely is all the rage nowadays, as it allows employees to save money and time on commuting costs. What’s more, working remotely allows you to widen the pool of talent you hire from – an obvious benefit. Your employees may only need to commute to the physical office once or twice a month, and when they do, Virtual Inc’s offices will provide you with a meeting room for all your team get-togethers, trainings, and conferences.

With so many video conferencing solutions around now, the days of physical offices are numbered. A virtual office allows you to save money on the upkeep and rent of an office, allows your employees to save on commuting costs, and provides your business with greater credibility than an office in an unknown location. Overall, it’s a fantastic way to make your company more productive, cost-effective, and successful!

Why Your Business Needs A Presence In Cardiff

Choosing the right location for your virtual office is wise – after all, this is the address and city that will show up on Google Maps and business documents for your company! Consider who your target market are and where your employees live when deciding which city to base your company in.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and a no-brainer if you are a Welsh business or a business looking to break into the Welsh market. Just 2 hours by train from London, Cardiff is Wales’ chief commercial centre and the base for many corporations, including media and cultural institutions. Since the 1980s, Cardiff has developed hugely with a new waterfront area at Cardiff Bay, the Welsh Assembly and Wales Millennium Centre arts complex. A new business district is being built in the city centre, along with the Cardiff International Sports Village!

Cardiff is a well-known tourist location and often the launching point for travellers journeying into the West of the UK. With several magnificent castles around, such as Cardiff Castle or Castell Coch, there’s no shortage of sightseeing to do!

The city is also famous for sport – it was awarded the European City of Sport in 2009, and again in 2014. The world-famous Principality Stadium is here, the home of Welsh rugby.

As a city to live in, there are plenty benefits to Cardiff, too. There are shopping arcades and the chic Mermaid Quay to hang out in, live music in venues like Barfly and Coal Exchange, and a thriving arts scene to dive into. If you are considering relocating to be closer to your virtual office space, you won’t regret choosing Cardiff – and if you are going to commute to the office every now and then from your hometown, ensure you see the sights of Cardiff whilst you’re there!

A virtual office in Cardiff will give you a professional image for opening or expanding your business in the Welsh market. Virtual Inc.’s office location is right in the heart of the city, allowing you, your employees, and customers to enjoy all the benefits this gem of a city has to offer!