Virtual Office Address in Glasgow

A virtual office exists to give businesses and service providers a physical address, without the need for overheads like lease and administrative staff. With virtual offices, your employees can work remotely but will still have necessities like a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms and video conferencing software.

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Benefits of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices are particularly popular with start-ups and small businesses who are looking to decrease their overhead. The cost of opening a virtual office are considerably less than that of a traditional, physical office, and it can cause your employees to be more productive – they no longer need to commute to work or undertake time consuming administrative tasks! Your business is also free to hire employees who aren’t local! As more and more people begin to work remotely, the need for a virtual office has increased.

Virtual offices require no upkeep or maintenance costs, do not need to be staffed, and have flexible one-month leases. They range from as little as £15 a month up to £100 for full add-ons. They can cause businesses to look more professional by providing a mailing address, telephone services and a location for users to meet clients. What’s more, the physical location of the office can lend prestige to a business!

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Why Glasgow?

If you’re operating in Scotland, choosing Glasgow as your office address is a no-brainer. The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow has enjoyed a boom in industry in recent years. It’s home to the headquarters of many businesses, including Scottish Power and STV, and is the business hub of the west of Scotland.

Glasgow is also a great place for start-ups! In 2016 alone, over 5,000 new companies were created in the city, putting Glasgow on the map as the place to be for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. With several universities nearby, there are always fresh graduates looking for employment, supplying your business with the best of Scotland’s academic talent.

Glasgow is a fun, vibrant city with a reputation for the arts as well as industry. Choosing Glasgow as your virtual office space will provide your business with a well-known address for your business to thrive!

You might also be looking to expand your business out with your physical headquarters. If you are looking to have a presence in Scotland, without the hassle of a physical office, then a virtual office in Glasgow is the right fit for you.