Virtual Office Address in Liverpool

At Virtual Inc., we recognise that not every business is ready to take on the work of a physical office. In fact, nowadays, virtual offices are all the rage – there’s no need to worry about overhead costs like office leases and administrative staff, and you get all the benefits of a physical office at a fraction of the price.

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Benefits of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices provided businesses with all the features that a physical office hold, bringing prestige and credibility to your business or start-up. If you are a small business owner, start-up or self-employed, a virtual office may be the best option for you!

A range of benefits and features are included in a Virtual Inc. virtual office package. Your business gets a mailing address in a professional, well-known location. This mailing address can be used to receive post, for business documents, and to register your business on Google Maps. Our dedicated staff will provide you with a phone line with call forwarding allowing calls to your business go straight to your mobile. Finally, meeting rooms are available for booking, allowing you to meet with your staff or clients whenever you should wish.

Your employees can work remotely, saving them money on transport and commuting costs, and allowing you to widen the pool of talent you hire from. You’ll have better, happier employees, and save money on office costs – there is no catch! With the range of virtual video conferencing solutions out there, you may only need to meet your employees in person once a month – in which case, the meeting rooms of Virtual Inc.’s virtual office provide a space to have that team get together.

Given that virtual offices provide your business with a trustworthy and professional image, it’s wise to choose carefully where you want your virtual office to be located. Consider who your target market is, and how prestigious you want your office address to be. You should also consider where your employees live and if it is beneficial for them – that is, if they do need to commute to the office for a meeting every few weeks.

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Why Liverpool?

Liverpool is the UK’s second largest regional economy, and the home to a highly competitive and successful business environment. It’s the second fastest growing city in the UK after London, and home to more than 2.5 million people, 1.4 million of whom are of working age. That’s a considerable pool of talent from which to select your employees, and of course, a huge market to find potential customers.

Liverpool is a vibrant city, home to many universities and a thriving art scene, and the birthplace of pop music! There are dozens of theatres, galleries and museums to choose from, Premier League football teams like Liverpool and Everton, two famous golf courses, a UNESCO World Heritage sit and of course, a legendary nightlife scene.

Liverpool has been consistently ranked as one of the friendliest cities in the UK by YouGov and Rough Guides and is considered as one of the happiest places to work in the UK (the Guardian). This is because of the high quality of life and variety of leisure activities to partake it – companies here have typically low rates of staff turnover, because their staff are so happy!

A rise in your professional jobs and businesses has made Liverpool one of the best cities in the UK to live and work in. Hosting your virtual office here will lead to happy staff and an opportunity to enter one of the most competitive markets in the UK.

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